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Sterilization process for Instruments and Equipments

Sterilization is the complete elimination or destruction of all forms of microbial life including spores. With the increasing risk of cross infections by Hepatitis B and HIV viruses, the dental facilities are bound to observe the same stringent rules in sterilization of instruments, and disinfection/maintenance of the operatories.

We at Dr.Aher's Dental Care follow strict and standard Sterilization protocol to ensure safety of our patients.

All the disposable items such as gloves,syringes,needles,cotton,suction tubes and patient drapes are discarded immediately after use and new set of items are used for every patient. All our dental equipments (digital sensors for xrays /Curing light tips) have plastic disposable sleeves that are mandatorily disposed after each and every patient.

For non-disposable items and instruments,we use following protocol:

Cleaning ,scrubbing and washing the instruments after use.

Chemically disinfecting them by keeping the instruments in Ethylene Oxide ,Glutaraldehyde or formaldehyde for a specific period of time.

 The cleaned and dried instruments are then packed into sterile plastic pouches .

Then they are subjected to Autoclaving i.e. they are kept in closed chamber at 121 degree Celsius for 15 minutes at 15 psi pressure.

The instruments are then kept in the UV light Chamber and used when required.

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